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What We Offer

ChemAssociates is a distributor of chemicals, laboratory reagents and equipment, antifoaming products, and industrial lubricants.  Among  members of the chemical Web community are Post Apple Scientific, Inc., Findett Corporation, and New London Chemicals. Synergy Products, Inc. (producer of the insecticide synergist piperonyl butoxide found towards the bottom of this page), Fulon Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd., Spectrum Quality Products, Inc. and Koehler Instrument Company, Inc. are also suppliers for ChemAssociates.  There are over 59,000 chemical products and laboratory equipment listed in the ChemAssociates database which is constantly growing.

Directory of Manufacturers
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ChemAssociates also includes the lab furniture section of Post Apple Scientific, Inc. as a portion of its product line.  Although pricing of lab furniture is not available over the Web, you may request a pricing quote by filling out our inquiry form (please include the name, size, and quantity of the furniture items in order to get a more accurate quote).

ChemAssociates invites chemical manufacturers, distributors, laboratory reagents and equipment dealers, etc. to join the Web community in order to better serve the industry by bringing together suppliers and customers to a single location.  Whether you need laboratory books and manuals, chemicals, reagents, software, etc., ChemAssociates will fulfill your needs. ChemAssociates also provides a directory of chemical and related companies free to its visitors while its site is still growing.

If you would you like to add your products to the ChemAssociates database, please fill out our inquiry form and we will get in touch with you soon!

ChemAssociates Community

As ChemAssociates continues to open discussions with manufacturers and distributors and acquires new members, we support one another through links to the ChemAssociates site. Through a common link to the ChemAssociates site, the businesses can drive increased Web traffic to each other.  This growth strengthens the ChemAssociates chemical community by linking suppliers to a central location, providing convenience and efficiency when searching for needed products.  From laboratory reagents and equipment, antifoam products and lubricants, to whatever your needs may be, ChemAssociates is here to serve you.

If your business has something to contribute to this community, ChemAssociates welcomes the opportunity to add your products or services to our own.  If your company wishes only to advertise, ChemAssociates will gladly place a banner or list your products without placing any "Add to Cart" buttons to your company's products.

For more information, please contact us with your inquiry.

Our Mailing List

By joining our mailing list, we will be able to contact you when there are new events, products, additions to the Web community, etc.  We would like you to know all the great things that are happening within our community.

Be assured that your email address will not be resold, forwarded, or distributed to any other party. ChemAssociates will not bombard you with numerous emails, either (about once a month or so).

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