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About ChemAssociates

The office of ChemAssociates is located in the northwestern corner of Pennsylvania near the city of Erie. Michael Bemiss founded the business in August of 1999 while studying for a Masters of Business Administration at Penn State Behrend College. With a Bachelors of Science in Chemistry from Gannon University, he has extensive knowledge of organic chemistry, experience with laboratory and pilot operations, analytical equipment, but also enjoys working with computers, the Internet, Web page design, and various software applications.  Michael is also focused in Marketing while studying for his MBA.

Michael founded the business on his core beliefs - honesty, loyalty, excellence, commitment. Integrating these beliefs into the business is crucial and nothing less than a win-win situation for visitors, customers, and suppliers alike.

ChemAssociates' Purpose

ChemAssociates is interested in providing information to businesses and individuals in search of chemical and laboratory products necessary to their work and study.  This Web community was designed to create efficiency by bringing manufacturers and distributors together in a single location so that the time spent searching for necessary reagents, chemicals, and equipment is significantly reduced.

Orders received by ChemAssociates are forwarded to their appropriate distribution points to get products to their destinations quickly. ChemAssociates also provides its shopping cart services to other developing businesses for mutual benefit. This spares a developing business the high costs of having to purchase and implement software. ChemAssociates offers this service on a commission basis to control the startup costs of the developing business.

To view an example of ChemAssociates' work, point your browser to either Post Apple Scientific, Inc.'s site by clicking here, or Findett Corporation's Santotrac or Santovac Divisions' sites by clicking on their names.  Notice that ChemAssociates can minimize its invasiveness to either a few links or merely the "Add-to-Cart" buttons.

For more information, please contact us.

Aspiring To Be More Than A Dot-Com

ChemAssociates believes that although the Internet is a powerful ally to a developing business, it is only one medium to conduct business.  As ChemAssociates grows, it would like to see itself as much more than a "dot-com" site, adding more functionality to the site, and becoming more intimate with its customers, visitors, and suppliers.

ChemAssociates welcomes questions, inquiries, etc. by phone, fax, mail, as well as email.

A Special Note From Michael S. Bemiss, President of ChemAssociates.

ChemAssociates has joined the efforts of United Devices in finding potential cures for cancer by volunteering a PC to assist with the computations necessary to discover interactive compounds with particular proteins.  If you'd like to volunteer your PC by joining our team, please click here to sign up and then download the non-invasive program to begin generating points (which are used towards winning cash prizes).  To learn more about the project, point your browser to